Swallow Thief

1. Only tested/supported in Mac OS Chrome (let me know how you go!)
2. Designed for and compatible with PS4 controller
3. Click anywhere to enter/leave fullscreen mode



The inspiration was the darting flight of the swallow.


The way a swallow can collapse themselves to dive and dart through tight spaces seemed like an inspiring feeling to try to re-create in a game.


The end-game of Swallow Thief, is to keep to its namesake and steal the crown. From who? The previous player? A crown is only meaningful as long as there is someone willing to compete for it.

Technology and credits!

The entire project runs in javascript, in browser (only tested in Chrome). The music, sequencer and level editor was created and coded completely from scratch. Sounds are generated with jsfx.js. For the 3D environment and textures, three.js. For animation and timing, GSAP.

The game was built with and runs best on Chrome and has analogue controller support (the game also has rudimentary keyboard support).


Thanks to the team and crew of the 48 Hour Game Challenge 2015! I had a great time and look forward to coming back again. Shout outs to my table buddies, team Tiny Frame!

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